West Broad Farmers Market!

Thank you so much for supporting local businesses and shopping with the WBFM!

Order online from Sundays at 5 PM through Wednesdays at 5 PM for Friday pick-up.

We are transitioning to changing a Saturday to Friday pick up until end of the year! You can pick up at our office 685 N Pope Street or optionally we maybe able to deliver for free if within 5 miles of our office. Pick up is 12 noon to 2 pm.


You will pay for your items when you pick them up from 12 to 2pm
(details in the weblog section of the site)

We have a program through Wholesome Wave Georgia that doubles your dollars for fruits and veggies! Go to our FAQ section for information on how to order and pay.

By Venmo:
Please send Venmo payments to @westbroadfarmersmarket at pickup, and be sure to include the full name of the order in the notes section!

We Accept:
 Cash, check(Payable to ALT Farms), EBT/snap(for Produce and Fresh Food Items, and we will double EBT dollars on fruits and vegetables), venmo, Paypal, and credit cards!


Open: MONDAY @ 12:00 AM
Close: THURSDAY @ 11:59 PM

**You can now pay upon ordering, via Credit/Debit, through Stripe.


SATURDAY – 11 AM to 2 PM
During the Market @ 300 S Rocksprings Street

**We also take SNAP/EBT.

SNAP/EBT Customers, please send an email to javier@athenslandtrust.org for that capability.

Customers making SNAP/EBT orders are expected to PAY AT PICK-UP.

Post #3: Hello?? Is This Thing On??

Welcome to our Demo site! What you’re looking at is the base package. Your site will look like this except it has your branding and logo. You keep full creative control over those aspects that make this your website.

Feel free to click around. Our intent was to build this so you could check functionality and get a feel for what the customer would see when they come to your market.

When you’re done, click the ”Contact Us” button located above. Let’s figure out what you need and how this market will help you achieve that!!


Quick admin note- These posts were numbered in the order they were created in so you could see the newest post is on top.  This way your latest information is always the first thing your customers see. 


Post #2: The Market Is Open!!

One of the innovations of the new Farm Fresh Network is the ability to make announcements to all of your customers on the landing page!

We’ve spent time looking at what works best on farmers markets all over the internet, and this one single doodad is the least we could do for the real people using our platform!

Farmers’ Markets rely heavily on communicated coordination. That’s why we’ve tried to integrate common sense into each of our designs. We thought the best place to start would be on the landing page. Its here that your customers “walk in the door” as it were. So, it makes sense that you greet them with things like…when the market is open.

Post #1: Don’t Forget YOUR Community!

Your farmers’ market is NOT a shopping mall. If it is, you might be doing something… else… We don’t know what that would be, but usually farmers’ markets are made up of an entirely different customer base. An informed one.

Did you know that over half of today’s consumers want to belong to a community they buy their stuff from? I think we all know that translates into about 95% of a single farmers’ market’s customers. They want to know you, adopt your mission, and be a part of your success! They believe that what you offer is healthy for them, their families, and their communities! Who doesn’t want to belong to something good?

That’s why our services offer community building tools that are free for everyone to use. Build your community, tell your story, let customers join your team! Also, let them know if its gonna rain on pick-up day so they can bring extra plastic bags.

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